Hi there!


Hello; I’m Juan Carlos, and I struggle every day to make things happen by connecting the dots. There are too many aspects to be improved within international business activities, such as entrepreneurship, logistics or product development. I help organizations to deal with stressful situations when companies are in their growing process.

Also, I’m passionate about making startups thrive so that they can achieve their maximum potential through dedicated and effective mentoring. I’ve attended and collaborated at events with organized groups such as The New York Angels and Panama’s Knowledge City.

After many failures and successes, I believe I’ve found the equilibrium. Having lived in four countries, I’ve been lucky enough to have created‌ a network of collaborators and professionals in many fields.

All this passion ended up as successful cases, products delivered to the market that close the loop that starts at the factory. I oversee the whole value chain to avoid risks and to continue improving results.

For the last 16 years, I have devoted myself to importing and exporting goods, first as a distributor and then as a logistics operator. Hundreds of thousands of closed deals later, I could say I have the experience to recognize how to navigate the most challenging environments.

How I can help:

  1. Giving advice and consultation to small companies looking for expansion.
  2. Creating models based on trade deals, commerce routes, and logistics capabilities.
  3. Focusing on available resources, there’s always a budget restriction based on the selling price of the transported goods.

I think there are significant gaps between planning and execution. All companies believe that they’re doing their best but, at the results level, we can find vast differences between what’s expected and the reality.

Want to talk about what I described above? Either, you can add me to your Linkedin network or write an email to jc@golindano.pro